Kate Middleton And Prince William Head To London: Reports

Reports are beginning speculation that Kate Middleton is finally ready to pop that baby soon, maybe?

The latest is that the royal couple left her parents place in Bucklebury and headed to London. Some on Twitter are saying that the helicopter has taken her and her husband to the nation’s capital.

What is unclear is if she is imminently expected to give birth. We have all been awaiting news of the arrival and her different due dates have come an gone with no royal baby.

Could it happen today?

We don’t know until there is confirmation from the palace.

According to Us Weekly,

“Earlier on Friday, a royal source told Us that Middleton’s due date has “passed.” The Prince, 31, has not yet begun his paternity leave, but is simply taking time off to await the birth of his first child. “We’re all on the edge of our seats for news,” a Royal Air Force source admitted. “I thought the baby would be born by now!”

The magazine reports that, pregnant Kate Middleton, plus husband Prince William, abruptly departed Bucklebury with police escorts around 3 p.m. local time Friday, July 19.

Of course, social media is abuzz.

From Perez Hilton,

RT @refinery29: Kate Middleton is most likely in labor with the Royal Baby as we speak. Like, right NOW. http://t.co/BeuJRDqcLd

— Cuties Juice (@CutiesJuice) July 19, 2013

We will be updating as news comes in about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts and if indeed she is finally in labor with the royal baby.