TSA Searching Parked Cars, Leaving Thank You Note For Drivers

The TSA is now searching parked cars at US Airports.

A female flier in Greater Rochester recently took a trip, and, when she returned, she found a note attached her to vehicle. Left by TSA inspectors, the note reads:

“Thank You For Your Patronage.
Your vehicle has been inspected under TSA Regulations.”

After realizing that her car was searched without prior consent, the passenger notified 10NBC.

The passenger, Laurie Lacuzza, says of her reaction to the TSA inspection:

“I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.”

John McCaffery of the TSA says the airport was most worried about short term valet parking:

“No, those vehicles that are in the garage, short term long term parking, even if they carry pretty large amounts of explosives, they would not cause damage to the front of the airport. But for those who use the valet, the car could be there for a half hour or an hour so there is a vulnerability.”

The airport does feature a large sign that tells customers their vehicles will be inspected. However, the sign is inside a kiosk window, which is out of view for many people who drop off their vehicles.

The valet who took the passenger’s car keys did not mention a potential vehicle search.

Attendants working at the airport admit that they have been searching passenger vehicles for more than a month.

The TSA is standing behind its decision to search parked cars. The agency claims the move is part of a proactive approach to stopping all potential attacks against American airports.

For her part, Laurie Lacuzza says she doesn’t mind the searches; she just wants to be notified before they occur.

Do you think the TSA should be allowed to search parked vehicles at US airports?