Justin Bieber Parties Like It’s 3012, Selena Gomez Says ‘Slow Down’ [Video]

Justin Bieber took New York by storm earlier this week, and apparently, he partied hearty.

The teen singer kicked off his night of fun by dining at the renowned Darby restaurant with friends on Tuesday (July 16) before shaking a tail-feather at a nightclub.

A spokesperson for the Darby told the New York Post: “Justin was not served alcohol, nor was anyone in his group drinking.”

The 19-year-old and his crew made their way to the 21-and-over 1 Oak nightclub later, where the teen singer’s presence caused a stir with other revelers at the venue.

Chanel fashion PR intern Mollye Rogel tweeted: ”Ending the night with @justinbieber shaking his gold chain over the peasants of 1oak #ifyouweremyboyfriend (sic)”

”Justin Bieber is shaking a diamond gold medallion in 1 Oak, Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen,” British model Louise Dove raved.

According to the Post, the pop star and his friends then took the party back to their hotel in the city with two girls in tow.

The Canadian’s night was topped off by getting an “eye” tattoo in Wednesday’s wee hours.

Bieber debuted his latest body art —- a representation of his mother, Pattie Mallette’s, eye[s] — on his Instagram account.

The singer posted the striking image from the Lower East Side parlour of famed tattoo artist Keith Bang Bang McCurdy.

The “eye” design is located in the crook of the teen star’s left arm and joins the 16 other tattoos on his body.

“@bangbangnyc did this art,” Bieber wrote, alongside a snap of his freshly-tattooed arm. “Moms always watching. )”

According to McCurdy, the ink-mad singer’s decision to get the “eye” tattoo isn’t “bizarre.”

“People often get an eye to symbolize many things,” the tattooist explained to E! News. “For him, it was just like his mother watching over, kind of like a protective thing. It’s totally from mama. We were talking about how we both have tattoos for our mothers and how it’s something you’ll never regret.”

In other Bieber news, the singer teased his fans with more rapturously received snippets of his new, upcoming single “Heartbreaker” today via Instagram videos, one of which was later deleted.

The remaining video has already been ‘Liked’ over 554,000 times and sounds pretty good.

Take a listen below [Tip: There’s nothing to actually ‘see’].

Over in girlfriend Selena Gomez’s neck of the woods, a video of the 20-year-old’s new single “Slow Down” has leaked.

In it, the Latina is in full-on starlet mode rocking trademark scarlet lips and sensuous dance moves to the up-tempo banger.

There’s no real story to the Paris-set video, but frankly there doesn’t need to be. It’s sleek, chic, no-brainer, inoffensive pop.

Bieber and Gomez recently resumed their romantic relationship, reportedly at a July 4 celebration.

Check out “Slow Down” below.