Comic-Con 2013: Tom Cruise’s ‘All You Need Is Kill’ Gets New Title, Poster

A new title and a poster for the upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi flick All You Need is Kill was recently unveiled at Comic-Con 2013.

The film casts the Oblivion star as a guy who gets caught in a time loop that forces him to fight the same alien battle over and over again. To make matters worse, Cruise keeps dying during these violent confrontations. However, he is able to learn from his mistakes in order to overcome this threat.

Helmed by The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman, All You Need is Kill will now be known to moviegoers as Edge of Tomorrow. Regardless of what Warner Bros. decides to call the flick, it’s still Groundhog Day mixed with a legion of extremely dangerous extraterrestrials.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the latest Tom Cruise vehicle will be represented by the studio at Comic-Con 2013. However, it’s unclear if Cruise or co-star Emily Blunt will make an appearance at the upcoming panel.

Although it’s unknown what sort of information about Liman’s latest effort will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. has released a new poster ahead of the panel.

Judging from the one-sheet you see embedded below, Tom Cruise will spend a lot of time battling otherworldly foes using a very clunky suit of high-tech armor. The outfit is similar to the one sported by Matt Damon in Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi adventure Elysium.

Slash Film reports that a number of suits from Edge of Tomorrow are on display at Comic-Con 2013. The website also reports that footage from the flick is expected to debut at the annual convention at some point on Saturday morning.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to give the Comic-Con audience, who’ve always been so supportive of us, the first peek at footage from ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’ The movie has all of us at the Studio very excited, and we can’t wait to see the reactions of fans who know and love the sci-fi genre so well,” Warner Bros. Pictures’ Susan Kroll said.

Here’s the SDCC poster for Edge of Tomorrow:

Tom Cruise All You Need Is Kill New Title

Are you planning to attend Comic-Con 2013? What do you think about the Tom Cruise flick All You Need is Kill getting a brand new name?

[Images via Warner Bros. Pictures]