Hamptons Mom’s Brawl With Nanny, Drunken Drive-Off With Baby Land Her In Court [Video]

A Hamptons mom and her nanny reportedly came to blows when the 20-year-old Rebecca Williams tried to stop the 44-year-old Laura Bowery-Falco from driving off drunk with her 14-month old in the car. As you can see in the top video report, the mother of two and equestrian competitor ended up in a Southampton, New York town court on Wednesday to face an initial hearing on the charges.

According to her website, Laura Bowery-Falco’s previous claim to fame was that she was a US Equestrian Team member in 1999, when she won two Nations Cups.

On July 11, the Hamptoms mom reportedly fought the nanny by grabbing her neck, pulling her hair, throwing her to the ground, and even punching her in the face. It sounds like quite the catfight but Bowery-Falco didn’t seriously hurt Williams, according to an NBC New York report.

Bowery-Falco then reportedly took off in the car with the baby and drove a short distance to her mother’s home, where she was arrested.

The erstwhile equestrian champion is now charged with aggravated DWI, endangering the welfare of a child, and harassment.

There’s little sympathy out there for the presumably wealthy Bowery-Falco, especially since she stands accused of beating a young woman who was trying to keep a baby out of a drunk driver’s car.

For instance a New York Post headline about the story reads: “Hamptons mom busted for DWI after nanny tries to keep baby safe.”

However, her predicament is serious, according to News LI, which said that aggravated driving while intoxicated with a minor is a felony under the state’s so-called Leandra’s Law. That means she could face a sentence of as much as four years.

According to Rate My Horse Pro, she will next appear in court on the nanny beating, child endangerment, and DWI charges on September 4.

Her attorney told NBC that no one actually saw Bowery-Falco driving the car. He said he planned a vigorous defense for the Hamptons mom accused of the nanny beating.

[horses photo credit: sevenbrane via photopin cc]