Rachel Jeantel Message to Zimmerman: ‘I Don’t Know How You Sleep At Night’

Rachel Jeantel was asked in an interview on HLN on Wednesday what would be her message to George Zimmerman following his acquittal.

She said that she would tell him “I don’t know how you sleep at night.”

Jeantel, 19, has achieved something akin to celebrity status for being both Trayvon Martin’s girl friend and the major witness for the prosecution at the trial.

Observers have criticized her performance on the witness stand. They complain about her way of speaking and her general attitude, both of which damaged her credibility in the eyes of the jury.

She was giving an interview to Vinnie Politan, host of “HLN After Dark.” She was asked to elaborate on her description of the last telephone conversation she’d had with Martin on the night he died, especially aspects that she had not disclosed at the hearing.

“He told me a strange man, who we now know as George, kept following him toward his father’s fiancée’s house,” Jeantel said.

She added that she told Martin it could be a rapist and then Martin got worried “He started walking back from that area toward his father’s house,” Jeantel told Politan.

She said Martin didn’t say anything about attacking anyone. “He was trying to get home,” Jeantel said. “He did not sound like he was quiet. He was talking loud, he was breathing hard. The defense’s claim that [Trayvon] was hiding behind a tree, that was ridiculous.”

She went on to say that after she heard Martin ask Zimmerman why he was following him, she also heard Zimmerman say, “What are you doing around here?” “And then I heard this punch, not punch, but a push, and a fight started. I’m hearing Trayvon say ‘get off, get off.’”

Prosecutors from other states have criticized the way the case was initially investigated.

Jeantel told Politan that it wasn’t the police who made the initial contact with her. “It was Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin….It’s ridiculous how officers who had Trayvon’s phone couldn’t have called me or looked at the last number.”

A major criticism of Jeantel’s performance on the stand was her attitude to Zimmerman’s lawyers. Politan asked her whether, in retrospect, she regretted her manner and her responses to them. “Control my attitude,” Jeantel said. “I had an attorney attacking me.”

She then referred to the ‘ínfamous’ tweet that she sent from the court showing her freshly painted nails. She explained it away as her “teenager moment.”

Rachel Jeantel has had a lot of TV exposure this week, including a highly publicized interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. Time will tell what she is going to do with her new ‘celebrity status. She has already received one offer from Tom Joyner at CNN!

Photo Credit: tv.nsnbc.com