Justin Bieber Unleashes More ‘Heartbreaker,’ Spams Instagram [Video]

Justin Bieber has just unleashed “Heartbreaker” — or, to be accurate —- the first line and chorus.

The musical reveals were posted to the teen singer’s Instagram account on July 19, a day after his show at Hartford, Connecticut’s XL Center.

The 19-year-old previously teased “Heartbreaker” in a commercial for his new fragrance, The Key, on Monday.

Now, along with an avalanche of Believe tour images, Bieber has given his fans yet more tasters of his highly anticipated, upcoming single.

After giving fans a heads-up on Twitter, writing:

“yeah I just did that…” the freshly illustrated teen then linked 42 million plus to Instagram videos containing previews of “Heartbreaker.”

In the first Instagram video, which at the time of writing has been ‘Liked’ over 370,000 times, the singer unveiled part of the song’s verse.

Captioned “Me singing the first line of #heartbreaker,” the video is shot in darkness and sounds as if it took place on Bieber’s Believe tour bus.

The verse lyric?

“Ooh girl, I got a secret place that we can go, cuz girl I really wanna be alone, and baby nobody else gotta know…”

Bieber captioned this photo “Nothing Like A Grandfathers Love”

Justin Bieber Reveals More 'Heartbreaker' And Images From His Believe Tour

In the second Instagram video, which was deleted for some reason, Bieber is seen walking in some unknown location while singing the chorus. It was captioned “casually singing #heartbreaker.”

The chorus lyric?

“Don’t tell me you’re my heartbreaker / cuz girl my heart’s breaking,” which is repeated.

Shortly after the Instagram videos went up, “Justin Bieber” and “#Heartbreaker” trended worldwide on Twitter. Fans also tweeted “#HeartBreakerSnippetGotMeLike.”

Given that Bieber posted an Instagram of himself and back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez on July 5 titled “#Heartbreaker,” the lyrics will be interpreted as a direct message to the 20-year-old actress-singer.

In fact, the lyrics actually echo comments Gomez made in a recent interview with the UK’s Observer magazine during press rounds for her Stars Dance album which officially drops on July 23.

Asked about her resumed romance with her on-off beau, the starlet replied:

“Sure, I knew people would talk about it,” she told Observer.”But I can’t be afraid to live my life.”

Bieber titled this photo “Love you Gramma”

Justin Bieber Unleashes More 'Heartbreaker,' Posts Heap Of Photos To His Instagram Account

On maintaining a degree of privacy in their relationship, Gomez said: “Everybody falls in love and you would never want to hide something you’re so happy about. But I’ve learned a lot. You keep the things that are super-private to yourself. I definitely want to do that now. But it’s so hard.”

Apart from the fact that the new single will be Bieber’s first solo offering since 2012′s Believe album and Believe Acoustic at the start 2013, most of the hype around the single and in-the-works album comes from his manager Scooter Braun’s promise that both will allow the Canadian to “speak for himself.”

Braun told MTV News the release will roll out “in a very, very different way,” adding that he and the singer hoped it would “end the witch hunt.”

Bieber captioned this photo “heartbreaker”

Justin Bieber Goes Mad On Instagram, Posts Boatload Of Images

Bieber’s new album, his fourth, is expected to source the 240 plus song ideas he has been working on during his Believe tour and address recent incidents and press headlines from his perspective.

Check out some of the fans’ reactions to the latest “Heartbreaker” previews below.

#HeartBreakerSnippetGotMeLike pic.twitter.com/DslgqUlt5s

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[Images via Justin Bieber’s Instagram]