Royal Baby Watch: What Happened To Kate’s Due Date?

The never ending royal baby watch is still on. No baby for Kate. Her due date has come and gone, both of her due dates, as a matter of fact, and still, no baby.

What could be happening?

We know there is a baby coming, that’s a fact. The question is, were the due dates given to the public, real or fake? It is possible that this whole time we have been misled to give the Duchess of Cambridge some privacy.

I found it odd that Prince William went about an hour away to play polo on the weekend. An hour is not too far, but if his wife would have gone into labor while the match was on, it could have been a close call. He assures us he wants to be by Kate’s side when she delivers their first child and heir to the throne.

The other unusual situation is that royal baby’s mom, Kate left Kensington Palace to go to her parent’s home in Bucklebury over the weekend, supposedly to escape the heat in her air condition-less cottage.

Kate was also to have the baby in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, the same place in which William and brother Harry were born. She even paid a last minute visit last week to ensure everything was in order for the arrival of her child.

In recent days, speculation is that maybe she will not have the baby in that particular hospital and that her due date is actually next week.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a mom-to-be announces less than accurate information about her delivery. In Kate’s case, more so, considering the extraordinary interest surrounding the new infant’s birth.

Step mother-in-law Camilla hinted that the baby could come by the end of next week, as did her mom Carole, saying she thinks Kate will go into labor on July 22, which is this coming Monday.

At some point we will have an announcement of a new royal baby and all the guessing as to who, what, and when Kate had will finally be put to rest. Another week in the royal baby watch saga.