ESPN Apologizes For Holly Robinson Peete Lesbian Remark [Video]

ESPN has apologized for actress Holly Robinson Peete’s remark yesterday on First Take about lesbian lacrosse players at her alma mater.

Peete, who is married to Rodney Peete, the former USC and NFL quarterback, was on the show discussing the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback situation. The Eagles are her favorite NFL team.

During the interaction with First Take regulars Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless yesterday, she noted that she is a big Michael Vick Fan but she has to go with another USC quarterback, Matt Barley, because of her family connections.

Peete then said that “I went to a small college, called Sarah Lawrence College. I didn’t know nothing about college football… we didn’t have any Pac10 or Pac 12… we had like a lesbian lacrosse team… that’s all we had.” See embed above.

Smith and Bayless, neither of whom are shrinking violets by any means, seemed to be taken aback by what apparently was an attempt at humor by Peete.

First Take host Cari Champion later in the same broadcast apologized for the inappropriate remark.

Sarah Lawrence is a small, private liberal arts college outside of New York City that is known for its strong academic tradition..

According to the Lacrosse Playground website, “Peete’s use of ‘lesbian lacrosse’ is not only offensive, but also derogatory and shameful. Is there something wrong with being gay? Are all female athletes gay? Peete doesn’t limit the conversation to lacrosse with her statement. No, she has grouped and labeled every female athlete into one ubiquitous category.”

Holly Robinson Peete is perhaps best known for her roles on the original 21 Jump Street and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper television programs. She was also a co-host on the CBS daytime show The Talk for one season and was a contestant on season 3 of the Celebrity Apprentice.

Do you find Holly Robinson Peete’s lacrosse comment offensive?