Tiered pricing coming to Verizon Wireless

Prices aren’t official, let alone known publicly, but the fact that the wireless arm of Verizon Communications is going to start instituting a form of tiered pricing was confirmed by Verizon’s Chief Executive Ivan Seindenberg during an investor meeting on Thursday September 23.

Seindenberg said that the company wouldn’t be copying rival AT&T because t hey have yet to figure out the right balance when it comes to increasing demand for wireless service and data capacity.

Mr. Seidenberg said the introduction of new products and services—likely in conjunction with the launch of fourth-generation wireless services—would allow Verizon Wireless to introduce a tiered pricing structure. The carrier would follow AT&T, which earlier this year introduced a two-tiered data structure with caps on how much data can be used. But Mr. Seidenberg said the tiers and bundled offerings would be different.

Source:Wall Street Journal

It’s amazing how all this talk about needing tiered rates and data caps, regardless of carrier, is coming at the same time as the proliferation of video services and increased smartphone usage.