Similac recalled due to insect contamination, website is down

Kim LaCapria

Parents of infants are panicking to no small degree right now as popular baby formula manufacturer Similac announced a recall of certain varieties of their baby formula.

Compounding the confusion is the fact that Similac's website is reportedly down right now, making it difficult for parents to figure out if their baby's particular Similac is affected by the recall. Scarily, a press release from the makers of Similac uses the words "the formula containing these beetles":

"While the formula containing these beetles poses no immediate health risk, infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract," the company said in a press release. "If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a physician should be consulted."
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