Westboro Baptist Church Spells ‘Illiterate’ Wrong On Viral Protest Flyer

That awkward moment when Westboro Baptist Church spelled “illiterate” wrong on a flyer protesting illiteracy.

As much as we all love to rag on our bigoted friends at the WBC, it’s hard to deny that they have thrived this long because they run a pretty well-oiled hate ship.

Westboro Baptist Church chugs along and even grows in influence much the same way your average conspiracy theory catches steam: There’s an answer for everything. Oh, this group of non-partisan experts illustrated why this conspiracy is flawed? They were bought off by the government. Oh, these individuals crucial to the conspiracy didn’t actually do “xyz?” Then who did do “xyz?” Huh? Huh?

It kind of the same with Westboro Baptist Church. God hates fags. How do you know? It says so in the Bible. It actually doesn’t, WBC. Try telling me that when you’re choking on hellfire. See what I mean?

So our only hope of catching Westboro Baptist Church up and trolling them with evidence that even they cannot deny is the occasional, petty grammatical error.

On this occasion, we have to give credit to BuzzFeed for managing to pore through an entire Westboro Baptist Church flyer (presumably while sober) on which the controversial religious group announce their intention to picket “fag marriage” in Rhode Island.

They found an easy-to-miss spelling error about half-way down the flyer.


Yeah, we can read. We noticed you spelled “illiterate” wrong.

Check out Westboro Baptist Church’s “illiterate” flyer below:

[Top image via: Brendan Hickey]