Celebrity Playmate Ida Ljungqvist in custody battle over Chihuahua

Ida Ljungqvist, the first African born model to become a Playmate of the month, is in a legal battle over a chihuahua named Bonnie.

The dog was given to Ljungqvist by former husband Joshua R. Lang in February. Lang claims the dog is his and that Ljungqvist took Bonnie without permission when they separated in September.

According to MSNBC, Lang is asking a Santa Monica Superior Court commissioner to order Ljungqvist to bring back the dog to him immediately, or to allow him visitation with the pet during alternating weeks.

“I love Bonnie and miss her tremendously,” Lang’s declaration says. “She is like my child and I want to have her returned to me, or in the very least I want to exercise custody of her.”

Ljungqvist maintains Lang purchased the dog for her as a gift and does not wish to part with the animal, according to one of her lawyers.