Week Three NFL Power Rankings

As we move from week two to three we start to see some patterns emerge. We also have some teams dealing with injuries. So we have to take it all into account. Not just win loss records, but how each team has faired on the field of play. We also have to look at the talent on the roster and what we expect each team to do. It is a complicated formula, and a very imperfect one. For sure personal preferences and prejudices play a role no matter how hard we try to filter them out.

With all that said here is my Week Three Power Rankings:

  1. Saints- There is nothing better than a hard fought, gritty win
  2. Ravens- Even at 1-1 who wants to see them on next week’s schedule
  3. Packers- They may be the best team in the NFC even without Ryan Grant
  4. Colts- A dominating win is always a good thing
  5. Texans- 2-0 and on the road to the playoffs
  6. Steelers- the defense keeps them in it without Big Ben
  7. Bengals- TO and 85 have yet to make much of an impact
  8. Chargers- A week one loss may have been an aberration
  9. Patriots- the offense goes cold in the second half
  10. Jets- to much drama, to much talk
  11. Dolphins- 2-0 is an excellent way to start
  12. Bears- Big test looming against the Pack on Monday night
  13. Falcons- 1-1 and they get the Saints, time to step up
  14. Cowboys- at 0-2 when will Jerry Jones fire someone
  15. Titans- They are 1-1 along with most of their division
  16. Vikings- they need to get it in gear
  17. Giants- tough blowout loss, but the NFC East looks weak
  18. Redskins- 1-1 is probably better than we though for them
  19. Eagles- struggled to beat the Lions, and may turn the team over to Vick
  20. Chiefs- playing better than we thought they were capable of
  21. Broncos- an amazing 2-0 some ’10 draft picks are stepping up
  22. Buccaneers- going back to last year they have won four of five
  23. 49ers- fought back against the Saints, but 0-2 is a rough way to start
  24. Jaguars- to inconsistent to rank any higher
  25. Cardinals- This team is looking for some direction
  26. Seahawks- At 1-1 they could win their division, but there are 14 games left to play
  27. Lions- yes they are 0-2, but they could have won both games, and the should really be 1-1
  28. Panthers- Jimmy Clausen gets his turn now
  29. Rams- they are 0-2 but late game scoring drivers could have won either game
  30. Raiders- I have no clue what is going on in Raider land
  31. Browns- finished strong last season, but have lost that momentum
  32. Bills- What to do but turn the offense over to Ryan Fitzpatrick