White Marine Attacked After Zimmerman Verdict In Possible Hate Crime

Tara Dodrill

A white Marine was severely beaten, stabbed, and robbed in California after the George Zimmerman verdict. The San Bernardino Sheriff's Office is reportedly considering the savage beating gang violence, but individuals claiming to be the parents of the injured 29 Palms Marine in online posts, feel their son's attack was a racially motivated hate crime.

Local radio station KCDZ 107.7's crime report about the white Marine stated that the altercation took place around 2 am on Ocotillo Avenue. The radio station also noted that the attack involved about 20 to 30 people. The online pleas by the unconfirmed parents to share the story of what happened to their son maintain that approximately 15 to 20 black youths attacked the Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, another white Marine and a left their civilian black friend go unharmed. The African American friend reportedly attempted to help his friends and stop the attack, but he was vastly outnumbered.

The white Marine attacked after the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial was reportedly stabbed and hit repeatedly with a tire iron. He was transported to the Desert Hospital in Palm Springs for emergency treatment.

An excerpt from statements made by the Marine's alleged parents reads:

"After being beaten with a tire iron by a mob of 15 plus black men, [he was] stabbed in the chest and kicked unconscious and robbed. This fits the criteria for attempted murder along with a hate crime."


Photo allegedly of the beaten white Marine which accompanied an article about the incident on Before Its News website:

29 Palms Marine beaten

The investigation into the attack on the 29 Palms Marine is ongoing and so far one man has been arrested in connection with the crime. Melvin Peters, 23, was reportedly arrested on multiple Orange County warrants. Prior alleged offenses include being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest. Sheriff's Office Sergeant James Porter noted that deputies are still reviewing the case and more arrests are expected.

Do you think the attack against the white Marine after the Zimmerman verdict was gang violence or a hate crime?

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