December 27, 2013
Piers Morgan, Larry Elder Zimmerman Debate Heats Up [Video]

Piers Morgan got an earful from Larry Elder last about the CNN host's coverage of the George Zimmerman trial.

Elder, a Los Angeles radio talk show host and former attorney, previously took to social media to blast what he considered Morgan's pandering and condescending interview with Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel.

Elder then got an invite to Morgan's show to discuss it, and he unloaded on Morgan immediately for ignoring pervasive social, economic, and crime issues that are affecting the whole country. He also insisted that Morgan wasn't doing Jeantel -- who he says was figuratively standing between George Zimmerman and 30 years in jail -- any favors by trying to convince her she was victimized by Zimmerman's defense team.

The radio host dismissed Morgan as a "bleeding heart liberal" living in a wealthy, gated, crime-free community who is acting stupidly for trying to increase racial tensions by sensationalizing the George Zimmerman controversy.

He noted that theoretically if there were more George Zimmermans living in his neighborhood in South Central, there'd be a few fewer Ariel Castros (i.e., the accused Cleveland kidnapper). He deemed the Trayvon Martin fatal shooting an unfortunate incident between two people that had preconceived notions about each other that never should have happened, but added that doesn't make George Zimmerman a criminal. It was reasonable doubt case, Elder insisted.

In accusing Elder of conducting perhaps "the greatest filibuster in my show's history," it was ironic that Morgan was complaining that someone else was interrupting him for a change on the generally low-rated CNN show.

The libertarian-leaning radio host dodged Morgan's repeated questioning about whether he thought Rachel Jeantel was stupid -- a term Elder never used -- but recommended that Morgan hire her as his CNN co-host.

Whether you agree or disagree with Elder's views, the radio host was in turn attacked on Twitter in the most vulgar way after his appearance with Piers Morgan.

Watch the contentious Piers Morgan-Larry Elder CNN interview embedded above and decided for yourself who got the better of the exchange.