9 Minute ‘Breaking Bad’ Video Will Get You Up To Speed [Video]

The 9 minute Breaking Bad video is just the epic refresher you need to get all caught up. The fifth season of the hit AMC series premieres on Sunday, August 11. Three weeks away might seem like oceans of time and all eternity if you actually use Walter White’s product, but for the rest of us, it will be here before you think.

You might as well press that button and watch it right now. You know you want to.

In case you’ve dropped in from Mars, here’s the obligatory paragraph where I tell you that Breaking Bad is the well-regarded dramedy about a high school chemistry teacher in Alburquerque who gets cancer, forcing him to turn to meth manufacturing to pay the bills. Hilarity ensues.

I can’t walk past a cheap pun. So here’s where I say that the 9 minute Breaking Bad refresher video will get you up to speed on the first four seasons. The video actually comes to us courtesy of something called BettingBad. So you probably already have a dawning suspicion what that’s about.

They would like you to place your bets on your predictions for the outcome of the final season. In a second video which I’ve embedded down below, they describe themselves as the “first Fantasy TV experience that lets you place your bets on what will happen in the final season of Breaking Bad, earn points on correct bets, and compete with your friends throughout the last 8 episodes.”

The BettingBad folks hasten to say that this sporting event is strictly non-AMC approved.

They also say that no money will change hands. Make of that what you will. When I gamble, money changes hands, but I guess I’m the weirdo here.

I’ll leave you fantasy gamblers to it.

Me, I’ll just enjoy the epic refresher 9 minute Breaking Bad video for entertainment purposes only.

[Breaking Bad still photo via their Facebook page]