Throwing our sense of humour in the trashbin with the cat

As far as I am concerned one of the worse things ever to afflict our society has been this notion of political correctness. This concept that we must adjust our individual behaviors and attitudes to suit the larger majority has proven to be nothing more than a curse on our society. Our sense of humour, our sense of right and wrong along with our very right to think as individuals without fear of social repercussions has placed us all in a stagnant pool of mediocrity.

A good example of this lose of being able to laugh at things that might be questionable has to be the uproar over a movie being released in France Vilaine (Villain) and one of the movie posters being used to promote it. In the poster we see Mélanie, played by Marilou Berry, with a silly smile on her face holding a cat by the scruff of the neck over an open trashbin.

While the cat in the ad looks rather bored it would seem that the Society for the Protection of Animals in France (SPA) aren’t so amused. Apparently; since we only have their word to go by, the organization has received so many complaints about the ad that they have released a statement describing their shock over the ad imagery.

The thing is that their statement against the ad is couched in such PC speak that it makes me gag as much as the ad made me chuckle. In an interview for The a representative said

“While the SPA does not doubt the integrity of Marilou Berry and the production team who have clearly not mistreated any animals, we feel it is clear the producers of Vilaine are not aware of the impact this image may have on a fragile general public.”

Fragile general public – WTF have we all become such weak willed sycophants of political correctness that it has over taken our society. Personally I find a statement like that far more insulting and degrading than any advertising foe a movie that is meant to be funny in the first place.

One has to wonder in these cases just who is really being protect and why. Not to mention that if our fragile society needs to be protected from silliness like this this then we have some real problems.

It should be noted that the two cats used in both the ads and the movie were adopted by the star of the movie.