Glamour Model, Brittany Harris, Leave Kids In Parking Lot During Lil Wayne Concert

Glamour model Brittany Harris left her two young children in a parking lot for three hours while she went to a Lil Wayne concert Saturday night.

The 25-year-old was arrested after a Cruzan Ampitheater employee, Barry Batchelor, discovered her children standing in a parking lot next to a black Nissan Altima.

Batchelor said the children told him that their mother went into the concert and left them to stay in the car.

Police were finally able to located Brittany Harris around 10:30 p.m. When questioned, she first told the police that her cousin brought the children to the fairgrounds. However, she later admitted that she left the kids by the car so that she could watch the concert.

The Florida model was arrested and charged with two counts of child neglect. She is being held at the Palm Beach County jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Unfortunately, Harris isn’t the only celebrity who has been accused of child neglect. Last year, Octomom Nadya Suleman was accused of child neglect and sexual abuse by two former nannies.

The two caretakers said that Suleman blocked the door with a chair from the outside for hours to keep her children from bothering her while she napped.

They also told police that they witnessed sexual abuse in Suleman’s home.

“One of the boys would take his sibling away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her. I told Nadya everything. She never did anything. ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude,” one of the nannies said.

Suleman was never prosecuted for these allegations because there was not enough evidence.

What do you think should happen to Harris if she is found guilty of leaving her kids in the parking lot?

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