This R2-D2 mod rocks TEN game consoles and a projector

Most modders are happy modding one console at a time. Mechanical engineering grad student Brain De Vitis has bigger ideas. The lifesize R2-D2 unit above is his work, and contains no less than ten game consoles from yesteryear: a SNES, a NES, an N64, a GameCube, a PS2, a PSP, a Sega Genesis, an Xbox, a gaming PC, and an Atari 7800.

Oh, and what’s that on the head?

A Dreamcast!

This totally sweet mod was spotted by Fort90’s Matt Hopkins at the PAX Prime expo. Many of the aforementioned consoles are disguised in cunning ways, such as the PSP that slots into the shoulder:

Aside from that, there’s a shit-ton of cartridge slots and controller ports to meet your gaming needs, and of course a projector to play it all on:

Check out more pics of this epic radness at Fort90.

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[Via Fort90]