UFL gets ready to name its Virginia franchise

Another UFL team needs a nickname and that of course means another “Your Town, Your Team, Your Name-You make the call” contest to name it. This time the UFL is allowing fans to nominate their own idea for the team’s moniker, and they have the choice of the following four monikers: Destroyers, Navigators, Commanders, or Tritons. While some of them seem a little campy, I think they fit the area around Virginia very well. This team could do very well associating itself with the tremendous military presence in the area, and especially tying it to the Navy which has the largest presence in Virginia.

Of the four I like Commanders the best. I think it is a regal name and a lot could be done with it from a PR standpoint. Although I also am drawn to the Tritons moniker. I see great uniforms and killer mascots and guys with big pointed forks on their helmets. I think it would be great, and a lot good be done as a rival to the Tuskers.

Of course the four suggested names have not faired very well in the other three contests the UFL have run in Hartford, Sacramento, and Omaha. In fact none of those contest went with one of the four suggested monikers, so I think the good people of Virginia will be naming this team something they like.

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