Heat Wave Melting The Entire East Coast

Another heat wave is taking control of the Tri-State area. These melting temperatures are said to last through the entire week. The Tri-State area is expecting to soar into the 90’s and stay that way until the weekend. There will be no real relief from the heat or humidity other than at the immediate coastline where some localized sea breezes will help ease the pain.

In New Jersey, an excessive heat warning is in effect for Mercer, Gloucester, Camden and northwest Burlington counties. A heat advisory is posted for the rest of the state. The Boston area is also bracing for the longest, hottest stretch of the summer so far as many towns will top 90 degrees for 7 straight days. It hit 95 degrees in Washington, D.C., as well as Philadelphia. It reached 93 degrees in Caribou, Maine, way up in the northeast of the country.The National Weather Service has also issued a heat advisory until 8 p.m. for Nassau County, the lower Hudson Valley and parts of Connecticut.

It’s the combination of heat and humidity that makes it feel like you are actually going to melt. The temperature may be recorded at 94, but with the humidity, your body will think it is well over 100 degrees. New York City’s Office of Emergency Management advises seniors and people with health conditions to stay in air-conditioned areas, drink plenty of water and take advantage of city cooling centers where offered.

Your body temperature can rise and when your body temperature starts to rise higher than your ability to get rid of heat, perspire or cool down, your body can get into significant trouble.The most significant symptoms are dizziness, weakness and what we call altered mental status. Anyone over come by the heat should call 911 immediately.

While this heat wave is taking over the east coast for the week, it is important to remember to stay as cool as possible to prevent any danger.