July 15, 2013
Rachel Jeantel Talks To Piers Morgan About Thugs, N****s, And Trayvon [Video]

Rachel Jeantel gave her first media interview after the Trayvon Martin case's conclusion, following juror B37 on CNN and telling Piers Morgan about her experiences, relationship with the victim, and her feelings on matters like Don West.

Speaking to Morgan, Rachel Jeantel was assured and calm as she and her lawyer discussed what happened during and after her testimony -- including the controversial "daddy killed it, we beat stupidity" Instagram photo sent by West's Daughter Molly West. (In the image, West and his daughter ate ice cream cones and smiled after the murder trial had wrapped for the day.)

During her interview, Jeantel first discussed the definition of "thug," and whether Trayvon fit any accepted definition of the word.

Calmly, Jeantel said:

First of all Trayvon is not a thug. They need to know the definition of a thug.
Early on, Jeantel was also asked about Martin's marijuana use, desperately sought to be included in evidence by George Zimmerman's defense attorneys.

In reference to the claim, she explained:

Of how she sees George Zimmerman, Jeantel described him: "Weak. Scary... if you were a real man you would have stand on that stage and tell what happened." Of her own involvement, she says: "You think I would make all that up to be in a murder case? I ain't get no money out of this." West, the man who hotly cross-examined her for days, was a subject on which Jeantel was circumspect -- she simply said of her opinion on him:

Jeantel was also confronted with remarks just made by juror B37 just prior on AC360, and Twitter users jumped to defend her after the unidentified woman said Jeantel was uneducated:

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