Steam to start distributing Radeon drivers

Chalk this one up as a great idea.

According to an announcement today AMD has gotten together with Valve’s Steam game site and is now providing members with a way to make sure they always have the most current graphics drivers installed.

This may not seem like much but I know myself that it is quite easy to forget about checking for new graphic drivers so any new way to let me know that there is some new graphic goodness out there is welcome.

Thanks to Martin at gHacks for pointing this out because I hadn’t heard anything from Steam themselves yet but when I checked my Steam dashboard the option was indeed there.

The way it works is that you click on the Steam menu item, then Update AMD Drivers. Steam will then go out an check to see if there are newer drivers available than what you already have installed, at which point it will prompt you to download and install them.

Nice idea from my favorite game site.