Snake Hiding In Toilet Bites Man’s Penis

A 35-year-old Israeli man was taken to the hospital Friday after suffering a snake bite on his penis.

The unidentified man told paramedics that he had gone to the bathroom at his parents’ home in the town of Nofit and was sitting on the toilet when he noticed a “sharp burning sensation on his penis.” The man looked down and saw a small snake in the toilet and “ran from the room in horror” to call paramedics. He was taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, first to the trauma unit, and then to the toxins unit to make sure no infection developed.

Fortunately for the man, a blood test found that the snake was not venomous.

“There is undoubtedly bite marks on the area in question, but it seems the snake is not poisonous,” said a representative from the hospital. “The man is currently undergoing a number of tests and as soon as we have the results he will be able to go home.”

A paramedic said the man’s tests came back fine and that he seemed to be in good enough spirits to joke about the incident.

According to the Times of Israel, most of the 40 or so species of snakes indigenous to Israel are not poisonous. The most common poisonous snakes are local vipers, Vipera palaestinae, which grow to an average length of 36 inches and are mainly nocturnal.

Last month, a 53-year-old man died after being bitten on the hand by a poisonous snake near Hokok Beach on the Sea of Galilee. The man was found unconscious and paramedics tried to resuscitate him to no avail. Two days prior to that man’s death, a 28-year-old man was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after being bitten by a viper. He was treated and sent home two days later.