Attempt To Cut Penis Off Lands Another Woman In Jail (Jeez, Ladies)

“Attempt to cut penis off lands woman in jail.”

Not something you ever get used to reading, particularly if you’re a man, but that’s exactly what the husband of 41-year-old Lori S. Cutlip had to deal with in Ohio.

According to reports from NewsNet5 and CantonRep, Cutlip is currently in jail for attempting to cut off her hubby’s penis after an argument.

Stark County Sheriff’s Deputies, in comments to the press, stated that Cutlip had been arrested at close to 9 p.m. on Friday at her home. The woman allegedly used a butcher knife in the attempt, but ended up slashing his arm instead.

Paramedics reportedly moved the male victim to Aultman Hospital, where he was checked out and cleared for release. Cutlip, on the other hand, was booked at the Stark County Jail for domestic violence. Bond is set at $100,000.

The term “cut penis off” pulls in more than 20,000 searches on Google each month, in no small part due to a string of similar crimes throughout the world. (And to be fair, these incidents aren’t always perpetrated by the woman.)

Of course, Lorena Bobbitt started the craze when she cut off the penis of then-husband John in 1993.

(June 23, 2013, officially marked the 20th anniversary of that sordid tale.)

One of the latest “cut off penis” stories to make headlines was that of Catherine Kieu, a 50-year-old southern California woman, who received a life sentence for the removal and mutilation of her husband’s member.

Prosecutors alleged that Kieu drugged her husband after an argument, bound him, cut off his penis, threw it in the garbage disposal, and then turned it on.

The source of the argument, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office: a friend possibly coming to stay with the couple at a later date. A bit more on that terrifying tale here:

Do you think women who attempt to cut off the penis of a man (or actually do it) should be tried for attempted murder?

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