Beyonce Goes Shopping At Target With Blue Ivy

Thinking about making a quick run to Target? If you live in the Houston, Texas area you may want to keep your eyes peeled for hometown girl Beyonce.

Pop legend to some, adored by many, Beyonce was seen out and about browsing through an entire rack of hats at Target. While a few photos were snapped, Beyonce didn’t seem to be jilted by peeping camera phones. Instead she was dressed casually looking for the perfect purchase.

It isn’t known what Beyonce picked up at Target, but it almost doesn’t matter. Someone who is of Beyonce’s stature is usually expected to be shopping at high fashion boutiques, but Beyonce shows that she’s a true no frills Texas girl by going through the rack at the local Target.

Earlier that day Beyonce hit up a restaurant called Pappasito’s in Richmond at Hillcroft, while fans photographed her pushing a stroller with her daughter Blue Ivy. Both Beyonce and Blue Ivy were spotted strolling through the restaurant.

Beyonce is currently in the middle of her tour, and made a stop to play at American Airlines Center on July 6 in Dallas. Saturday night during a show in Nashville, Tennessee, Beyonce held a brief moment of silence for Trayvon Martin after George Zimmerman was acquitted.

At the time the singer, who notoriously doesn’t speak out politically said: “I’d like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon.” Lights were dimmed on stage, and Beyonce followed the silence by singing the chorus of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” which has turned into a tribute song after Houston’s death.

While growing up Beyonce had great Texas pride. Upon winning the Sammy Davis Jr. Award at a talent show, she went up to the mic and said, “I would like to thank the judges for picking me, my parents, who I love—I love you, Houston!’

Are you surprised that Beyonce shops at Target?