‘Ghetto Booty’ Blamed For Woman’s Back Pain

“Ghetto booty” was blamed for a woman’s serious back pain, sparking a complaint against the doctor. Terry Ragland, age 55, has filed a formal complaint with the Tennessee Department of Health against Dr. Timothy Sweo.

Ragland routinely used the same Jackson clinic for her medical care. However, on her last visit she was seen by a different Doctor. Ragland explained her symptoms, which included serious back pain. She suspected that the pain was caused by her hip “slipping out of place.”

As reported by WREG News, Dr. Sweo ordered several X-rays of Ragland’s back and pelvic area. Ragland, had the X-rays done elsewhere. When she returned to the clinic for the results, Dr. Sweo’s diagnosis was unexpected and hurtful.

The doctor diagnosed Ragland with “ghetto booty.”

Ragland explains that she was stunned with the doctor’s choice of words:

“I think I blacked out after he said ghetto booty. I think my mind was just stuck on the phrase because I couldn’t believe he said that.”

Dr, Sweo further explained that there is no cure for the condition. However, he offered Ragland medication to control the pain.

On her way out of the office, Ragland complained to the office manager. She was offered an apology by the manager, and eventually received a written apology from Dr. Sweo.

As reported by Fox News, Ragland was not satisfied with the apology as she felt the Doctor was insulting her intelligence. He stated that the terminology was an attempt to more easily explain technical terms.

In a statement to the media, Dr. Sweo explains that Ragland suffers from lumbar lordosis, a curve in the lower spine. The curvature can cause protrusion of the buttocks. He explained that he realizes she was hurt, but cannot understand how anything he said was offensive.

If Ragland’s complaint is determined to be founded, the Board of Medical Examiners will review the incident for disciplinary action.

The term “ghetto booty” may have seemed appropriate to Dr. Sweo. However, he is now facing discipline for his unfortunate choice of words.

[Image via Flickr]