UPDATE: Doctor shot at Johns Hopkins, area on lockdown

Several buildings have been put on lockdown or evacuated at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, after a doctor was shot and a gunman was said to have barricaded himself in a room with a patient believed to be a relative.

Neither the victim nor the gunman has yet been identified publicly, and an email went out at around 11:15 am today to staff notifying them that there was a “shooter in Nelson 8.” Officials from Johns Hopkins released a statement about the ongoing incident:

“As a precaution, Johns Hopkins Hospital has temporarily restricted access to main hospital buildings following a report this morning of a disturbance and possible shooting on one of the floors,” said Johns Hopkins officials in a statement. “City police and Hopkins security officers are on the scene and are asking employees, visitors, patients and caregivers to stay in their rooms or offices with the door locked if possible until further notice.”

Police presence at the scene is said to be so heavy that reinforcements from surrounding jurisdictions have been called in to cover the shortfall. No information has yet been made available as to the possible motives behind the gunman’s actions. The wounded doctor’s condition is not currently known.

Update: Initial reports circulated on Twitter that the gunman had been captured, but a spokesman for Baltimore police says that information was incorrect.

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