First Arrest Filmed Using Google Glass [Video]

Google Glass is one of the newest technology innovations and apparently the first arrest has been captured using the camera.

User Chris Barrett has captured what seems to be the first arrest using the newest invention by Google.

Barrett, who is an independent filmmaker and founder of PR Serve, a PR site for startups, was walking down the street in New Jersey on July 4, when he spotted an altercation and subsequent arrest.

“Tonight, I was testing out the extended video recording option with Google Glass on the Boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey. I walked right into the tail end of a fight happening on Jersey Shore boardwalk and filmed the first arrest through the lens of my Google Glass.” Barett said.

The footage shows as a film, from the perspective of the person taking shooting the video. The filmmaker seems to be mingled with the crowd and no one appears to have noticed he is filming the first arrest using Google Glass.

Barrett says that this will change “citizen journalism” forever, forget about Youtube. But there is a concern with privacy issues. If people don’t know they are being filmed it might create problems. It is much more inconspicuous than holding a phone to shoot a video or a camera for that matter.

The device comes with a 5 mega pixel camera which is capable of recording a 720p video. Glass is also able to recognize someone’s social network page and other personal details.

Google’s newest gadget has come under fire from the government as well. Congressman Joe Barton sent a letter to Google demanding an explanation of the privacy protection measures within the device.

Google responded to the concerns by mentioning that Google Glass display won’t turn off while capturing an image or video, thus there will always be a way to know if you are being recorded.

However no one in the crowd seems to have noticed that while Barrett took his footage.

What do you think the first arrest video using Google Glass?

[Image via Joe Seer /]