‘Far Cry’ News Coming Soon, Says Ubisoft

If you came away from Far Cry 3 excited to see what Ubisoft has up their sleeve next – beyond the fantastic Blood Dragon expansion – you won’t have much longer to wait in order to find out.

Ubisoft, speaking to GameSpot, said the company has plans to make a Far Cry announcement “soon.” The series was a no-show at E3 this year, but one particular quote makes it sound like we might hear some news in the coming months – and it may even be an entirely new game.

“We’re totally psyched from [Far Cry 3],” said Tony Key, senior vice president of marketing and sales. in an interview with the site (via Polygon). “It’s a great brand, and now it’s got the recognition it deserves, so we’re clearly going to make another one. More on that soon.”

Far Cry 3 received high praise from critics for expanding on the open world concept from the previous games, and addressing some issues players had with Far Cry 2 – namely the superhuman AI that could spot you from a mile away. The game allowed you to approach just about any situation as you pleased; you could take the stealthy approach, go in guns blazing, or do a bit of both.

“I think open world can represent the future of, you know, gaming, and that’s where we’re investing huge portions of our resources–because we believe that that is what consumers want,” Key said.

Far Cry 3‘s Blood Dragon expansion, although limited in scope by comparison, drew on some of that emergent, open-world gameplay and added an 80s sci-fi throwback twist to it that, as it happens, turned out very well.

It isn’t known whether or not we’ll see yet another Far Cry 3 expansion before Ubisoft moves forward with the announcement of an all-new game but, as Key said, we’ll be hearing about whatever the developers have in store soon enough.