‘Mad Max’ Video Game Trailer Drops [Video]

Mad Max, the game based on the Australian vigilante made famous by Mel Gibson decades ago, has a new gameplay trailer!

Of course, after the E3 2013 announcement trailer, we discovered Mad Max had lost his Australian accent in favor of the ever-growing use of the American growl, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. However, public backlash has prompted Avalanche Studios to change the main voice actor to an Australian, keeping with the story and origins of the character.

Max was once a family man with a wife and newborn son, and a cop who took the law into his own hands when it turned out the police couldn’t handle the gang problem in a post-apocalyptic Australia. Losing his family to the ravages of these miscreants, Mad Max became a vigilante, sworn to hunt down and put an end to the wrongs the Aussie police wouldn’t touch.

The gameplay trailer for Mad Max begins with the logos revealed as dust is blown off of them. A deserted wasteland sprawls out before us as we see images of a world gone mad.

A female voice-over narrates, “This is what remains. Morality, justice, mercy … They don’t exist any more. Hope is dead. Glory is lost, consumed by everything that surrounds us. Now these streets are paved towards nowhere. Before this, we were taught it took a hero to change things. We never got a hero. We got him. A man they call Max.”

A song sets the tone in the background for the trailer as it asks, “What’s the soul of a man?”

The imagery of the Mad Max gameplay trailer shows us broken and weather-beaten religious symbols, people hung upside down from high poles and left for dead outside a plane crash site, and burning cars as a lone man walks. Eventually we see car chases, brutal combat, and a man who appears to be a major villain fighting Max.

Are you excited to play Mad Max? What do you think of the trailer?