Tyra Banks ‘Wanna Be On Top?’ Panties And More From Savvy Supermodel

Tyra Banks wants to help you put together the looks you’ve found through social sharing of images on places like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. If you’ve ever found a style that you really liked and then realized that you couldn’t track it back to where you could actually buy it, you know exactly where she’s coming from.

In my humble experience, Facebook and Pinterest in particular can be a remarkable swamp of unsourced images that leave you banging your head on the wall wondering where-oh-where you can actually find and buy that cool handbag.

Supermodel and fashion icon Tyra Banks announced Monday that she will be making her first fashion investment through her Fierce Capital LLC in The Hunt, which their press release described as “the first community-driven online shopping experience that makes social media photos shoppable.”

Fierce Capital LLC, as Tyra Banks fans may already know, is the investment arm of Tyra Banks’ business operations. Its goal is to find and fund start-ups, particularly female-run or female interest start-ups.

She’s more than long legs and a pretty face, folks. Did you know that Banks recently completed a three-year Owner-President Management program at Harvard Business School?

Banks seemed enthusiastic about her new investment, saying:

“The Hunt brings a fun and innovative approach to shopping and fashion. What I love most about The Hunt is that women help other women find their perfect outfit H2T [head-to-toe]. I am excited to be part of this new approach to collective retail and styling.”

I couldn’t resist paying a visit to The Hunt where, among other things, I was offered a pair of panties decorated with a picture of Tyra Banks’ smiling face and the words, “Wanna be on top?”

If not, why not?

It looks like fun. Good luck to Tyra Banks and the folks at The Hunt.

[Tyra Banks photo by Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com]