Royal Baby Watch: David Beckham Suggests Name

The royal baby watch is on and everyone has an opinion, including soccer great David Beckham who has made a suggestion as to what William and Kate could name their child.

Kate Middleton is expected to give birth at any time, as her due date has come and gone and he baby has not made an appearance yet. The royal couple has decided not to find out the sex of their little on and have not decided on a name either.

Speculation is rampant, and bookies are making bets on what the future monarch will be named. Alexandra and George seems to be the most popular bets and there is all kinds of combinations including the grandparents names as middle names.

Now, soccer British retired player, David Beckham, 38, is chiming in as well. He is married to one of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham also known as Posh Spice.

“David is not bad for a boy.” Beckham recently joked of the new royal baby name, in an interview with Sky News. “I think they should go for David.” he added.

That is quite conservative, considering the couple unorthodox names for their own children. The boys are called Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, and Cruz David. Their daughter is Harper Seven.

Beckham, who is a popular figure in England and is an ambassador for Sky News also added that the couple is “going to be amazing parents, because they are so loving towards children.”

William has been in all of our lives for so many years,” he told Sky News. “We have seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. That’s an amazing quality. And that as a father is so important.”

David Beckham retired from soccer, or football as it is known elsewhere, earlier this year after an illustrious career.

What do you think of David Beckham’s royal baby suggestion?

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