Dave Matthews Hitches Ride To Own Concert With Fans

Singer Dave Matthews recently treated some fans to the chance of a lifetime. The singer was taking a pre-concert bike ride when the tire on his bicycle popped.

Several fans were driving down the road when they noticed a stranded bicyclist.

A photo was posted on Facebook and Emily Kraus, one of the fans who picked up the stranded singer writes:

“He was out for a ride before the show and his back tire popped, lucky for my parents just recently gave me their bike rack! SO amazing, incredible opportunity! He’s such a humbled man, so grateful for our help (my boyfriend is the one who “spotted” him)!”

In return for their good deed, Dave Matthews invited his fans to dinner, took them backstage, and then gave them front-row seats.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dave Matthews then thanked his fans for the ride during a concert shout-out.

Watch the video above and you can hear Matthews at the 0:55 marker start to thank Emily and her boyfriend for the lift as he explains what happened during his bicycle ride.

Here’s a photo Emily took as she drove Dave Matthews to his own concert:

Dave Matthews Catches Ride With Fans

None of Dave Matthews’ generosity for his fans should surprise anyone who has followed his career. Dave has always been an extremely humble guy who emphasizes his relationship with fans.

Much of the money the Dave Matthews Band earns during their relentless touring schedule goes to support Bama Works, a charity foundation that provides money for parks and other public works programs in Dave’s home town of Charlottesville, Virginia. Bama Works has given away more than $14 million since its inception.

Are you impressed with Dave’s humble attitude and gratitude following his fan-based rescue?