iPhone Electrocution Leads To Chinese Woman’s Death

The family of Ma Ailun, 23, a former flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, alleged that their daughter was electrocuted and died while using her iPhone.

The exact situation was that Ma tried to answer a call as her phone was being re-charged.

Her sister posted on Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter): ‘I hope that Apple Inc. can give us an explanation. I also hope that all of you will refrain from using your mobile devices while charging.’

It is reported that this post has gone viral, which is not great news for Apple. The problem with all situations like this is that the allegation get wide publicity before the facts are established.

Police in the city of Changji, where the family live, confirmed that the girl was electrocuted. However, they were not able to determine if there was any connection to her use of the phone.

Ma’s sister said that the family would be looking for justice from Apple.

Apple have responded by issuing a statement which says that they felt “deeply sorry for the unfortunate accident”. They also stated that they would fully co-operate with the local police investigators

This incident comes less than a week after the China Daily reported on another accident with an iPhone.

On July 9, an iPhone 4, belonging to Mr Wang Kai of Chongqing, spontaneously ignited while he was asleep and burnt his carpet. Apple response was that they were checking whether user error was to blame.

Meanwhile, Apple investors will be waiting anxiously to see what effect this latest incident has on the value of their shares!

[Photo credit: Yu Xiao/Asianewsphoto]