Apple iWatch Employee Hiring Goes Full Speed Ahead

The Apple iWatch could soon become a reality as the company’s HR department is said to be aggressively hiring engineers for the project.

According to a recent report by the Financial Times, the new Apple smartwatch division is looking for employees who can help the device connect and interact with iOS devices.

The new report confirms a previous rumor, which puts the iWatch preparing for a 2014 launch.

While the aggressive hiring practice makes it seen like a sure thing, it is likely the result of Apple attempting to solve some “hard engineering problems,” which requires dozens of new employees.

Apple is specifically hiring iWatch workers who have years of experience working with mobile device development and connectivity.

The aggressive hiring practice is likely Apple’s attempt at catching up with market leaders which now include Pebble and Sony. The latter has already released a 2nd generation of its Google Android smartwatch and is promising to continue with that development.

Unlike its competitors, Apple appears to want an iWatch device that can operate with the same capabilities as its iOS platform while at the same time running for days without the need for a battery charge.

Another rumor that has surfaced on several occasions in the inclusion of a flexible display that would give the iWatch a contoured design.

As is always the case with Apple, the company’s workers are remaining tight-lipped about the iWatch’s capabilities and in fact if it even exists. To date, no photos or confirmed specs have been reported for the potential new wearable tech from Apple, Inc.

Do you think the Apple iWatch and other wearable tech pieces are going to be huge hits or a waste of time?