Oakley To Launch Own 3D Line Of Eyewear

With the 3D market being exploited to the umpteenth degree, it was only a matter of time before actual eyeglass manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and the first major eyewear company to do so is Oakley.

According to a company press release, Oakley will release the first 3D eyewear with “optically correct” lenses. The glasses will be passive polarized and used Oakley’s HDO-3D technology which they say provides “unparalleled visual clarity.”

The glasses are also suppose to provide a wider peripheral viewing angle with a “truer alignment” for 3D images.

At this time we have no pricing, however we do know that a full line of different designs will be made available. The glasses will be sold at “premium optical distribution channels” in the U.S. and while they’ll arrive in time for the holidays, we won’t expect a full lineup release until 2011.