Kate Middleton, Killer Ian Brady Among Hundreds Of News Corp Victims [Report]

Kate Middleton, notorious British murderers Ian Brady and Jon Venables, and more have been named as potential victims in an ongoing News Corp scandal investigation. According to a report Friday in The Guardian, officers involved in Operation Elveden will be contacting 419 victims of the crime that involved News Corp paying public officials including police officers to give them stories about the victims.

The continuing Operation Elveden investigation has already resulted in 70 arrests in the bribery investigation.

However, Kate Middleton and other victims may also be eligible to sue News Corp for stories published about them as a result of the bribes. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the UK tabloid The Sun is at the heart of investigation. However, stories also ran in the The Times of London and the Sunday Times.

But that’s not all the troubles that shadow News Corp. As I reported in June, 82-year-old News Corp billionaire Rupert Murdoch announced on the same day that he would be splitting up his troubled company — and also divorcing his wife, Wendi Deng.

Paying bribes wasn’t the only technique News Corp tabloids used to break stories. A hacking scandal shook the company and forced it to close one of its tabloids, News of the World, amid multiple arrests of over 40 employees — including NOTW editor Rebekah Brooks.

The Guardian noted Friday that the Metropolitan Police have openly acknowledged the fact that there are 419 known victims.

However, Scotland Yard is reluctant to confirm the victims’ names while the prosecutions are still open.

Already confirmed high-level victims include longtime Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood, whose name was revealed when Surrey police officer Alan Tierney was convicted and sentenced to ten months in prison for taking a bribe about Wood’s arrest in a domestic assault case.

As a result, the report that A-list celebrities like Kate Middleton can be found on the list alongside notorious murderers including Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe does seem plausible. However, we can’t yet confirm with 100 percent certainty that Kate Middleton was in fact a News Corp victim.

[Kate Middleton photo by Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]