WATCH: Justin Bieber's The Key Fragrance Ad With 'Heartbreaker' Hint

Justin Bieber's commercial for The Key, his latest eau de parfum, has finally landed.

The countdown didn't go quite as planned, the video touched down nearly five hours after the appointed time.

But, oddly enough, the delay added to the theatrics. Bieber handled it well by simply being honest about the technical difficulties of pulling off a fragrance launch from a tour bus.

Taking to his Twitter account hours before, the teen explained the hold-up in a two-part message.

"u know when u are trying to be all smooth & sexy & release something cool on a countdown & then your bus internet sucks... #buslifeproblems," the 19-year-old wrote.

"everyone sit tight. we are gonna pull over and handle this for you. i need to give you all this gift. #TheKey..."

Then, at last, it arrived.


It's probably not what anyone expected.

In the ad, all 31 seconds of it, the first big surprise is Bieber's tease of his highly anticipated, new single "Heartbreaker," which sounds like stripped back, delicate, 'Emo' R&B/Pop.

In a good way.

Justin Bieber The Key Commercial Lands Online

And no, we didn't see that one coming.

In the opening scene the pop star pulls up outside a hotel in a slick ride. It looked vintage but possibly isn't.

Cue multiple key images, a girl fitfully sleeping in a bed clutching (one guess) a key, hotel props aplenty including a wedding cake. Then, the Biebs striding purposefully down carpeted corridors --- destination, girl in the stripey duvet who we can assume is a bride.

But whose?

The ad ends with a close up of the white columned, gold lacquer designed bottle with key detail and a final hashtag message: #UNLOCKTHEDREAM.

It looks like the campaign is episodic with clips developing the story coming online later. After last week's teaser video and still from a Copenhagen photoshoot, the singer expanded on his previous reveal that the key motif was a message to his fans to believe in their dreams.

Justin Bieber In The Key Eau De Parfum Commercial

"I'm always looking for new and different ways to connect with my fans," Bieber explains. "We have a really close relationship and really support each other."

"The new fragrance will represent how much I believe in our connection by giving them something that is personal to me. It represents the love between us and I think it will mean a lot to them, like it does for me."

The Key is Bieber's third fragrance. Previous releases Someday (2011) and last year's Girlfriend flew off the shelves in stores and online and this latest olfactory outing will probably do the same.

The aroma? According to the brief, it's "energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness" with a floral musk base and exotic "woods with decadent notes of vanilla."

As for when the full version of "Heartbreaker" will be revealed, earlier today the Canadian tweeted:

Currently crisscrossing North America with his Believe tour ahead of shows in Asia, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand, Bieber plays Buffalo, Ohio's First Niagara Center tonight.

What do you think of The Key commercial?

Justin Bieber The Key Commercial Also Teases 'Heartbreaker' Single