Lindsay Lohan Caused ‘Psychodrama’ On The Set Of ‘The Canyons’

Lindsay Lohan’s behavior on the set of The Canyons was recently described as “psychodrama” by directed Paul Schrader.

It’s no secret that the Mean Girls star tends to cause a fair amount of trouble whenever she signs on for a project. Her recent exploits on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management were well-documented. Apparently things were no different on the set of Schrader and writer Bret Easton Ellis’ upcoming thriller.

According to the filmmaker, Lindsay Lohan didn’t change her attitude on the set of The Canyons. In that respect, Paul Schrader said the actress shares many of the same qualities as screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

“Similarities? Tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, absences, neediness, psychodrama — yes, all that, but something more, that thing that keeps you watching someone onscreen, that thing you can’t take your eyes off of, that magic, that mystery,” Schrader wrote in a recent Film Comment column.

MTV News reports that The Canyons was rejected by several film festivals before eventually landing a distribution deal with IFC Films. Although the thriller reportedly had several “quality issues,” Schrader believes the film will find an audience thanks to Lindsay Lohan’s infamy.

“Monroe and Lohan exist in the space between actors and celebrities, people whose professional and personal performances are more or less indistinguishable,” the director explained in his recent column.

He added, “We call them ‘troubled,’ ‘tormented,’ ‘train wrecks’ — but we can’t turn away. We can’t stop watching. They get under our skin in a way that controlled performers can’t.”

Lindsay Lohan fans will be able to check out the flick when it lands in a handful of theaters on August 2. If the movie isn’t playing on a big screen in your neck of the woods, then you can always rent the film on VOD. It’s unclear when Schrader’s effort will arrive on Blu-ray or DVD.

Are you a fan of Lindsay Lohan? Do you agree that the actress shares many of the same qualities as screen legend Marilyn Monroe?

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