Marijuana Legalization Raises Concerns About Hash

Marijuana legalization is seemingly in full affect these days as multiple states have already put legislation in place to regulate the popular drug. With California, Colorado, and Washington leading the charge, more questions about “pot potency” and consumer use have become a major topic as of late.

Most legal growers are already bringing in the benefits, but they’re also looking for new ways to keep marijuana off the black market now that regulation laws are in affect. Hash is a very popular, yet extremely potent, form of marijuana that has recently brought about more concerns.

“Every major culture that has marijuana associated with it has hash associated with it as well,” said Jim Anderson, according to The Associated Press. Anderson is the owner of XTracted, a company that currently produces high quality hash oil for medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle.

Critics are concerned that highly potent forms will become more common once marijuana legalization spreads throughout the United States. Personal use has also been questioned, but some experts and supporters believe it can be successful through regulation that is similar to that of alcohol.

“Our goal is to replace marijuana prohibition with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol,” Mason Tvert explained. “Some marijuana consumers choose to use more potent forms of marijuana, just as some alcohol consumers prefer a martini or glass of scotch over a beer.”

Tvert helped lead Colorado’s campaign for legalization last fall and he’s well aware of the concerns behind hash oils and the high THC potency.

Hash oils can already be found at medical marijuana dispensaries around the nation, but prevention advocates are convinced that forms of hash could corrupt the system before it truly gets going. Most critics believe consumers now have a way to buy much more than they really need for personal use.

Do you believe marijuana legalization will eventually lead to more regulations concerning the use of hash?