UK study indicates old people getting STDs, shagging at an alarming rate

The results of a study undertaken in the UK indicate that people over the age of 45 are not only totally doing it, they're not protecting themselves against diseases transmitted by sexual contact nearly as much as their younger counterparts.

According to the Daily Mail, rates of STD infection (or STIs in the UK) have doubled in those over 45 since 2000, and infections involving chronic conditions have skyrocketed:

More men over 45 got genital herpes in 2009 than men aged 16 to 19, while in excess of 5,000 men and women over 45 were diagnosed with genital warts in the same year.

The number of cases of chlamydia among women over 45 has also shot up 95 per cent in nine years.

In response to the data analyzed, the Family Planning Association (FPA) has a launched a campaign to fight what they're calling the "Middle-age Spread," aimed at those over the age of 50. The head of the FPA cited embarrassment and fewer worries about accidental pregnancy as a reason for the last decade's spike:

'There is very little sexual health information and services for this age group, and current campaigns, however good, are exclusively for the young.

'Sex is something very personal, we can all find it difficult to talk about and this can be particularly true for older generations.

'Many people, relieved contraception is no longer an issue, forget about using condoms.

'Others haven't had to think about using condoms for decades, let alone go into a shop and buy them.

'Worries about confidentiality stop them going to clinics which tend to be more geared for young people.'