San Francisco Trayvon March Pic A Fake

Kim LaCapria

A San Francisco Trayvon Martin protest picture circulating on Twitter is a fake, in actuality taken back in September of 2012, well before tonight's Trayvon demonstrations.

While San Francisco indeed was the location of some Trayvon Martin rallies today, the moving image of people flooding the city's Golden Gate Bridge is not an accurate depiction of those demonstrations.

The San Francisco Trayvon rally was smaller and later in the day, with the image circulation of a purported Trayvon Martin protest actually showing a celebration for the city and not outcry over yesterday's George Zimmerman not guilty verdict.

Widely shared on Instagram and Twitter, the San Francisco "Trayvon Martin protest" image has been very popular on all networks, in part due to the sheer number of people shown in the picture.

Twitter users wrote:

— ThePinkAngel (@BahjasGuidette) July 15, 2013

— April Watson Ward (@marehoop) July 15, 2013

— NEVER B ANOTHER (@MzzQuietstorm) July 15, 2013

— Tosha Renee' (@toshamack_ent) July 15, 2013

However, a cursory bit of research reveals the San Francisco alleged Trayvon Martin protest pic was posted last year on Facebook.

Protests large in number were reported in Los Angeles and New York City in the Justice For Trayvon protest movement, but the San Francisco pic was, alas, not part of that.