Trayvon Martin Riots? Peaceful Protesters Number 10,000 In NYC

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Despite talk of Trayvon Martin riots ratched up in the media before George Zimmerman was found to be not guilty by a Florida jury last night, widescale rallies held in major US cities have remained largely peaceful — despite a large demonstration in New York drawing an estimated 10,000 people.

As midnight nears, the number of people taking to the streets in Trayvon Martin’s name (but not rioting) does not seem to be decreasing, and several livestreams have popped up — with no evidence of any untoward behavior.

The New York Trayvon Martin rally appeared to be heating up a few moments ago, with audible shouts of “film the police!” and “take out your phones!”

But as the crowd marches up to Harlem from Times Square, chants of “no justice, no peace” and “the system is rotten, it killed Trayvon Martin” can be heard among the peaceful demonstrators gathered late into the hot night in NYC.

Over on Twitter, the Trayvon rallies are being widely covered on the ground by attendees and distributed by signal boosters, and in L.A. and NYC, some reports of police and demonstrator tension have been sighted.

The NYC livestream indicates that at least three have been arrested during the protests, and a device called an LRAD is said to have been spotted with NYPD on scene:

In L.A., Trayvon Martin “riots” have reportedly closed the freeway intermittently, and some reports of rubber bullets fired at protesters have also been tweeted:

Concern has been expressed for Trayvon Martin rally attendees on the service, with one user adding:

Others report “zip ties” being wielded at peaceful Trayvon rally protesters:

Watch the Trayvon Martin rally livestream in NYC above.

Do you consider the protests to be Trayvon Martin riots, or peaceful protests?