Kyle Massey Cancer Rumors Anger Star Who Just Climbed Kilimanjaro

The Kyle Massey cancer rumors have got to stop. While the 21-year-old Dancing With the Stars contestant has been traveling in Africa, the rumors were slowly building on Twitter.

On Saturday and Sunday, they reached a crescendo, with multiple tweets going out from dozens if not hundreds of people that said something like: “Zimmerman is free, Cory Monteith is dead, Kyle Massey has cancer, Casey Anthony is pregnant. On a scale of 1-10 how done are you with this day?”

What really burns my toast is that when Kyle Massey posted his recent Instagram photo of his ascent some 14,000 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro, there were people who took the opportunity to spread the Kyle Massey cancer rumor there — instead of congratulating him on his remarkable achievement.

Apparently, it’s somebody’s idea of fun to spread rumors that a healthy 21-year-old man has cancer. I even saw a variation Tweet that it was brain cancer.

C’mon, people. It isn’t cool to just make stuff up out of your elbow.

On Sunday, Kyle Massey’s rep came forward to address the cancer rumors. Here’s the statement published in ET Online:

“This is a very serious disease and he’s upset that someone would make light of such a serious subject. He has been affected personally from the disease as he has had family members who have passed away from cancer.”

Several other sites have published the same statement. So it’s over to you. Want to believe Massey’s rep, or want to believe a bunch of randoms on Twitter?

As for the other hoax making the rounds — the unproven claim that Casey Anthony might be pregnant — I have posted a longer report about where I think that particular story is coming from.

I can appreciate that people are angry and need some mental relief. But making pregnancy and cancer jokes isn’t the way to go with it.

Here’s one of a great many similar hoax and rumor-spreading Tweets that were posted Saturday and Sunday:

-Cory Monteith is dead -Zimmerman is free -Kyle Massey has cancer -Casey Anthony is pregnant

— Sloth (@PopeSloth) July 14, 2013

And here’s Kyle Massey on top where he belongs!

Kyle Massey instagram
Kilimanjaro Instagram by Kyle Massey

So if you know anyone still spreading the Kyle Massey cancer story, please ask them to knock it off.

[photos by Kyle Massey via Instagram]