Halo: Reach obliterates Halo 3 online play records

It’s technically still launch day for Halo: Reach, but it’s already grenading records set by Halo 3. Developer Bungie got its brag on over at Twitter, revealing that Reach has already had more simultaneous users playing the game across Xbox Live than Halo 3 ever managed:

Reach already surpassed the all-time highest record for Halo 3 concurrent unique users on LIVE. Woot!”

For the last two years, Halo 3 has regularly topped the most-played list on Xbox Live, so that’s damn impressive.

With that said, as a non-Reach fan I’d love to know when I’m getting my Xbox friends back please, Bungie. Logging on tonight, 24 of my 27 online buddies were playing Reach. Groan. I’m in for some lonely weeks ahead.

[@bungietweets, via CVG]