October 17, 2017
Cory Monteith Dead: 'Glee' Fans React To Devastating News

Cory Monteith, one of the stars of the show Glee, was found dead last night inside of his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. The unexpected news rocked the Glee community, especially the 31-year-old actor's co-stars.

Monteith, who was dating his former co-star Lea Michele, had reportedly been struggling with addiction for years. Still, his death at age 31 shocked his co-stars and his fans. Twitter quickly filled up with prayers and supportive messages directed at Monteith's family, his girlfriend Lea, and the rest of the cast on the hit Fox show.

Kaley Cuoco writes: "Please tell me it's not true. No words. Prayers. Thoughts w his family. This is terrible. Can't speak."

Kristen Chenoweth, who guest starred on Glee, wrote: "RIP CoryMontieth. You will be loved. Always."

"Cory Monteith" and "Glee" have been the two top trending terms on Twitter since news broke about the actor's death. Spending a minute on the site reveals a constant outpouring of sadness from Gleeks around the world. Celebrities like Rihanna, Ellen Degeneres and Sarah Hyland have also posted messages about Monteith's death.

Rihanna writes: Cory Monteith, may your spirit be at peace, and may you fly with the angels... Heartbreaking, my prayers are with all of his loved ones!

Ellen writes: My heart breaks for the friends and family of Cory Monteith. What a loss.

Hyland adds: Still saddened and shocked by the passing of Cory Monteith. My thoughts are with his family and friends. #GoneTooSoon

Of course, Monteith's former and current co-stars have also been posting messages about their late friend. Here are some of the comments made in the wake of Monteith's death.