Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Earned Millions From Human Rights Violators

Jennifer Lopez stands accused of earning around $10 million from several human rights violators.

The singer found herself at the center of controversy when she performed for the President of Turkmenistan late last month. Lopez stated that she would have canceled her appearance had she known about Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov’s reputation beforehand.

Sky News reports that Jennifer Lopez may have also performed a series of concerts for other notorious human rights violators in the past. The paychecks from these shows reportedly earned the singer a cool $10 million. Some critics are understandably outraged by her recent behavior.

Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen believes Lopez scored several seven-figure paychecks from her private performances. Halvorseen also feels that the singer and her management have purposely misled fans.

“J.Lo has repeatedly mingled with and entertained some of the world’s worst thugs and their cronies. The ‘Jenny-from-the-block-who-doesn’t-Google’ clarification may be credible in one instance, but it beggars belief in light of a pattern of repeated behavior,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to earning quite a bit of money from President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov’s birthday celebration last month, she allegedly received $1 million to perform at the wedding for Uzbek industrialist Azam Aslamov’s son. She also reportedly received $1.4 million from Russian businessman Telman Ismailov.

Although Jennifer Lopez said she didn’t know about the human rights violations prior to her concert in Turkmenistan, the singer hasn’t made any attempts to amend the situation. According to the Times of India, Lopez was urged to donate the money she received from the show to charity.

Human Rights Watch deputy executive director Carroll Bogert recommended such charities as Front Line Defenders and the United Nations Fund for Victims of Torture. Bogert said such a donation could show that Lopez cares about the individuals who were offended by her recent performance.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Lopez? What do you think about the controversy surrounding the $10 million she earned from a handful of human rights violators?

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