Nels Hansen: Hit By Lightning, Walks Away, Says It's His Day To Buy Lottery Tickets [Video]

Canadian Nels Hansen has a pretty wild story to tell, as you can see in the video from CKPG. If you press that magic button, you can see their interview with the Prince George, British Columbia man who got hit by lightning last week while sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game -- and lived to tell the tale.

Ouch. As CKPG puckishly said, baseball isn't usually that electrifying of a game.

According to a CBC report, Nels Hansen was holding an umbrella when a thunderstorm hit:

"I had this umbrella right thing I know, my whole hand lights up right here, and I'm like, 'Whoa! I've been hit by lightning.

"And it's like, you know, you throw some water on a really hot frying pan. It was like zzzp -- like that."

He claimed that the force of the electricity left him unable to let go of the umbrella for 30 seconds. When he did drop the umbrella, he had trouble controlling his muscles and at first couldn't make a fist.

However, Hansen has since been checked out by a doctor and is fine apart from some leftover tingling in the arm.

You know how they always say that your odds of getting hit by lightning are about as bad as your odds of winning the lottery? Well, Hansen is totally believing that stuff.

He told both CBC and CKPG that he pretty much immediately went out and bought two lottery tickets.

However, I'm not going to tell him what I just found out by googling around, which is that the National Weather Service calculated that the chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is about 1/6250. The overwhelming majority, roughly 80 percent, of victims do survive.

So it looks like to me that he still had a way better chance of surviving the lightning strike than he will of winning the lottery.

But you never know. I wish him luck, and I'll be scanning the news for a report of an obscene lottery win for lightning strike survivor Nels Hansen.

[lightning still photo credit: Just Us 3 via photopin cc]